T-1240 2-Axis, Self-Centering, See Through, Bore Target 20×20 mm PSD


A specialized 2-axis target for large-bore applications such as stern-tube bore alignments. The T-1240 has an extra-large 20×20 mm PSD and the ability to flip the sensor out of the way to allow the laser to pass through to the next target without removing it. It is compatible with our A-514A/B/C Self-Centering Bore Adapters and supports both the L-708 Standard and L-708LD Long-Distance lasers, as well as our L-700/L-702/L-705/L-706 lasers.


• Stern tube bores in marine applications
• Shaft bearing bores in marine applications
• Large, diesel engine blocks


  • .0001 in. (0.001 mm) resolution and < 0.5% linearity when used with R-1307 Readout.
  • PSD size of 20×20 mm.
  • PSD centered to measuring mounting surface to within .0005” (0.012 mm)
  • Prism flips out of the way to allow the laser to pass through to other targets without having to remove the target and bore adapter.
  • Supports L-708LD Long-Distance laser as well as L-705/L-706 Bore Lasers and L-700 Spindle Laser.
  • Use the A-514A/B/C Adjustable Self-Centering Bore Adapters to mount in the bores.
    • Bore ID from 3.75 in (95.3 mm) to 39 in (1 m).




2.9 lbs. (1.3 kg)
Aluminum body 440C Stainless Steel mounting surface
.0001 in. (0.001 mm) when used with the R-1307
Target Cell Error:
<0.5% over the full measuring range
PSD Size:
.79 x .79 in. (20x20 mm) 2-axis with flip mechanism to allow beam to pass through
Measuring Range (Standard Lasers):
±.295 in. (±7.5 mm) in both axes
Measuring Range (Long Distance Laser):
±.100 in. (±2.5 mm) in both axes
Target To Connector:
10 feet (3.05 m). Removable cable with Lemo connector
Lemo 9-pin metal - located on front and back of target
Mounting Dimension:
1.2495 in. (31.738 mm) outer diameter
PSD Concentricity to Mounting Surface:
Within .0005 in. (0.0127 mm) TIR