T-1218 Large-Range 2-Axis Bore Target with 20×20 mm PSD

T-1218 Large-Range 2-Axis Bore Target with 20×20 mm PSD


The T-1218 Large-Range Bore Target has high accuracy and measuring range for large-bore alignment applications, such as turbines or stern tubes. The T-1218 can be used with the T-1225(L) flange(s) adapter, the T-1230 target stand or custom fixtures. Compatible lasers include the L-700, L-705, L-706, L-708 and L-741.


  • Stern tube bores
  • Long-distance applications where the L-708LD Laser is used
  • General alignment of large bores where a big misalignment is expected
  • Cam/Crankshaft/Cylinder Bore Alignment/Inspection
  • Turbine Bores


  • 20×20 mm PSD, offering twice the measuring range of the T-218 Target (note: T-1218 does not have see through capability. For a large-range see-through target, see the T-1220 datasheet).
  • Higher accuracy, super-linear PSD with <1% error over the full measuring range.
  • Compatible with the R-1307 Series of readouts (the R-1307C, R-1307-900, R-1307-2.4 and A-910-2.4ZB) and Hamar Laser Bore9 alignment software.
  • Hardened, ground mounting surface for easy fixturing.
  • Uses the T-1225L Large-Bore Centering Fixture with user-suppliable legs to measure bores or customers’ fixtures. Compatible with the T-1230 Target Stand Removable cable


2.9 lbs. (1.3 kg)
440C Stainless Steel
0001 in. (0.001 mm) when used with the R-1307 .00004 in. (0.001 mm) when used with the Bore9 software or R-358 Computer Interface
Target Cell Error
<1% over the effective measuring range
PSD Size and Type
.78x.78 in. (20x20 mm) 2-axis, non-flippable
Measuring Range
±.295 in. (±7.5 mm) in both axes
Cord Dimensions Target to connector
10 feet (3.05 m). Removable cable with Lemo connector
Lemo 9-pin metal
Mounting Dimension
2.9993 - 2.9998 in. (79.182 - 79.195 mm) outer diameter
PSD Concentricity
PSD concentric to mounting surface to within .0005 in. (0.0127mm) TIR (electrical center to mechanical center)