S-1401 Read11 Multi-Readout Software for Win. 7/8/8.1/10 for up to 15 A-1519-2.4ZB Targets


Read11 Multi-Readout Software

Read11 is a program designed to display the real-time data of up to 15 targets simultaneously.  It can also record the data for all 15 targets at the same time, graphically display if the data is in or out of tolerance and export to Excel.



Software Features

  • Applications include:
    • Deflection monitoring
    • Multi-target alignment of any surface
    • Long-term data collecting with multiple targets
    • Aerospace assembly
  • Displays position readings and error messages for up to 15 A-1519-2.4ZB Wireless Targets using the A- 910-2.4ZB Radio Receiver.
  • Two display modes:
    • Full Screen Modedisplays all target position readings and warnings and the data log.
    • Combined View – displays either group of targets (1-10 and 11-15).
  • Easy to configure, with options including:
    • Display Settings – select the units of measure, resolution and other display options.
    • Target Specifications – specify a target description, tolerances and zero offsets. Targets may be displayed by their target network ID or by a custom target description.
  • Easily viewed readings and status conditions, including Normal Position, Out-of-Tolerance Position, Target Not Detected, Laser Off-Target and Low Battery Status.
  • During data taking, the data may be edited or deleted and notes may be added to the individual readings.
  • Once a project is completed and saved, data may be previewed and exported to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word for printing.