R-307 2-Axis LCD and R-307V Large-Number LED Readouts – DISCONTINUED


The R-307 is a compact, digital LCD readout that displays vertical and horizontal center or angle readings in one of three user-selectable resolutions: .001″, .0001″ or .01 mm. The numeric value represents the position of the laser plane relative to the target centerline. A positive reading indicates that target is above the laser plane, while a negative reading indicates that the target is below the laser plane. The R-307V offers the same features but with a large-number display that can be seen from 50 feet (15 M) away.

The unit has settings for two levels of response time. The FAST setting shows the actual target reading without electronic dampening. The SLOW setting electronically dampens or averages the readings to reduce fluctuations caused by atmospheric turbulence, vibration, or other disturbances. The readout is powered by a rechargeable 9-volt battery or by an AC charger/adapter, making the unit portable and easy to use in any environment for up to 8 hours. An LED on the side indicates when the battery is low. Another LED on the face plate blinks to indicate that the laser beam is on target.


  • For use with all straight-line lasers (L-700, L-701, L-705, L-720, L-720M)
  • Compatible with the following targets: T-212,
    T-218, T-261A (requires adapter cable), A-510, and A-517.
  • Can also be used with the T-251 Scanner Preamp for continuously rotating lasers.


  • Easy to read LCD panel meters for 2 axes.
  • Three user-selectable display resolutions (.001″, .0001″, or .01 mm).
  • FAST response setting provides actual direct readings of the target.
  • SLOW response setting adds electronic damping or averaging to the reading to reduce fluctuations caused by atmospheric turbulence or vibration.
  • Automatic intensity control and continuous cell construction keep the target calibrated regardless of changes in laser beam intensity or spot size.
  • Powered by rechargeable 9-volt battery or AC charger/adapter.
  • On-target LED.
  • Low-battery indicator.
  • Available with large number LED display (R-307V).


3 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 1 5/8"
9 oz.
Resolution switch, .001"/.0001"/.01 mm SLOW or FAST response switch.
2 LCD panel meters
Internal 9V battery, rechargeable by external AC charger/adapter
Operation Times
Approximately 8 hours with full charge (approximately 4 hours when used with the Model T-251 Scanner Preamp)
Battery Charging Time
Approximately 14 hours (will operate off the recharging unit at any time)
T-212, T-218, T-261A (requires adapter cable), A- 510 and A-511 Dimensions [Note: image link broken]