R-1310 Readout with 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz Radio Communication – DISCONTINUED


A powerful, pocket-sized readout
The newest addition to Hamar Laser’s wireless alignment technology is the R-1310 readout. Combining a PDA with a built-in radio transceiver available in two frequencies, the R-3110 Readout operates with Hamar Laser’s A-1519 and A-1520 radio wireless targets and any continuously rotating laser in our product line.

Selectable System ID allows two alignment systems to work side-by-side
The radios employ a frequency-hopping protocol to avoid interference with other radio devices that might be operating at the same frequency. The software allows the selection of different system IDs so that two or more systems can work in the same area and will not interfere with each other.

READ9 software supports eight targets and multiple alignment functions
The R-1310 Readout comes with Hamar Laser’s READ9 alignment software pre-installed. READ9 runs under Windows CE™ and displays readings for up to 4 targets in two user-selectable screens. The software includes mode selections for alignment functions, such as setting a laser plane parallel to three points on a surface, graphic displays of the target readings, sample averaging to minimize the effects of air turbulence or vibration, and a data screen that summarizes the target readings.


Faster setup, improved dafety, ultimate convenience
Whether it’s roll alignment, leveling applications, nachining centers or any application where a continuously rotating laser is used, the combination of hamar Laser’s wireless targets and the R-1310 Readout will reduce alignment stup time, improve workplace safety by eliminating hanging cables, and maximize convenience.


  • A PDA with built-in radio transceiver available in frequencies of 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz.
  • Read9 software pre-installed for basic alignment functions .
  • Data display for up to 8 wireless targets.
  • Displays actual dimensions when using Height Gage mode .
  • Wireless range of up to 300 feet .
  • Compatibility with any of Hamar Laser’s continuously rotating lasers .
  • 8- hour battery life


7.25" L x 3.4" W x 1.375" D (184.15mm x 86.36mm x 35.05mm)
1 lb (453.6 grams).
.001" (.03 mm), .0001" (.003 mm), .00001" (.001 mm in metric mode)
Battery Life (PDA)
8 hours (will run on A/C adapter)
"Battery life
(RF Receiver)
11 hours for 900 MHz and 7.5 hours for 2.4 GHz
Power (PDA)
3.4V lithium ion battery
Power (PDA)
9V rechargeable battery