R-1307B 2-Axis Readouts for Cabled and Wireless Targets – Basic Model

R-1307B 2-Axis Readouts for Cabled and Wireless Targets – Basic Model


Hamar Laser’s R-1307B 2-Axis Target Readout is available in 2 configurations, designed to fit the specific needs of our users.

  • The R-1307BC, which replaces the R-307 Readout, supports 2-axis cabled (local) targets.
  • The R-1307B-2.4XBE, a combination 2-axis readout for cabled targets with the capability to wirelessly transmit target data to a second R-1307 or to our A-910-2.4ZB Computer Data Receiver. Can also receive data from A-1519-2.4XBE/A-1520-2.4XBE Wireless Targets.

Both readouts come with rugged aluminum case, kickstand and user adjustable features, such as Data Averaging, Inches/mm units, Resolution (number of digits) and a few more. The readouts are powered with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for long battery life.


  • Bore alignment
  • Compressor alignment
  • Flatness
  • Straightness
  • Squareness


  • The R-1307B-2.4XBE and R-1307BC support cabled targets, for both blinking and continuous laser modes, for use with the L-700, L-702, L -705, L-706 and L-708 Lasers.
  • Both readouts support 4×4 mm, 10x10mm or 20×20 mm PSD cabled targets.
  • The R-1307B-.4XBE can be configured to display data from one cabled 2-axis target or to receive data from a second R1307-2.4ZB Readout connected to one 2-axis target.  It can also be configured to display 2 A-1519—2.4ZB Wireless Single-Axis Targets.
  • Radio frequency for the R-1307B-2.4XBE is 2.4 GHz Xbee®.
  • User-selectable measurement averaging (2 to 64 samples) for difficult atmospheric conditions.
  • The readouts can store 1 fixed beam and 1 pulsed beam calibration factor for one 2-axis target.
  • Easy-to-use front control panel allows quick setting changes and clearly displays target readings.
  • User can select the display resolution up to a maximum of .0001″ or 0.001 mm.
  • Powered by a 2500 mAh Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery for 7-22 hours of continuous use (depending on model, radio type and display brightness setting).
  • Lightweight (1.2 lb./.55 Kg) with sturdy aluminum housing.


Display Resolution:
.1, .01, .001, and.0001 in. (1.0, 0.1 0.01, and 0.001 mm)
PSD Accuracy:
4x4 mm PSD <1% error

10x10 mm PSD <2% error 

20x20 mm PSD<0.5% error
Battery Type:
2500mAh, Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery
Battery Charging Time:
5-8 hours typical
Battery Life Expectancy:
800 charge/discharge cycles maximum
Battery Capacity 
(rated capacity of new battery):
7-22 hours of continuous use. Varies by model, radio type and display brightness settings
Power Adapter/Charger:
Input: 100-240V AC
Output: 7.5V dc 1.2 A
1.2 lb. (0.55kg)
Housing Material:
Physical Dimensions:
5.45 x 4.63 x 1.45 in. excluding antenna (138 x 118 x 37 mm)
Rotation Angle (R-1307+R):
Resolution: 0.1 degree 
Accuracy: +- 1 degree
Indoor Range:
133 ft. (40m)
Transmit Power:
+8dBm (6.3mW)
Radio Frequency 2.4ZB Models:
Radio Frequency 2.4 GHz, DSSS(Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum)
FCC ID: MCQ-XBEE3. This device complies with FCC rules, Part 15
CE: Complies with ETSI
IC ID: 1846A-XBEE3 (Canada)
RCM/R-NZ (Australia/New Zealand)
ANATEL 06329-18-01209 (Brazil)
TELEC [R] 210-119309 (Japan)