P-405 Auto-Sweeping Remote Optical Square – DISCONTINUED

P-405 Auto-Sweeping Remote Optical Square – DISCONTINUED


The P-405 Remote Scan Optical Square accepts a straight-line laser beam, bends it at a precise 90º angle and produces a continuously rotating laser plane. It uses the T-212 4-Axis Target to qualify or align the optical square to the laser beam. The laser plane created by the P-405 is square to its input beam to 1 arc second. The plane is flat to 1/2 arc second. It can be moved down the input laser beam to create parallel reference planes.


  • Machine tool measurement/alignment
  • Spindle Z-X travel
  • Lathe cross-rail squareness/straightness/flatness
  • Column squareness
  • Roll alignment


  • The plane is generated by a rotating pentaprism that bends the beam at an exact 90º angle, accurate to better than .0002 in. within a ten-foot diameter circle and .001 in. within a 50-foot diameter circle
  • Establishes parallel planes by moving the P-405 to different locations along a straight laser beam
  • Uses multiple targets, eliminating the need to relocate the target for each measurement
  • Reduced operating time. The P-405 does not need adjusting for every reading (the “point-and-shoot” method required by manual systems)


Plane Flatness:
"20 microinch/ft. 360º sweep10 microinch/ft. 90º sweep (plus laser centering error)"
Plumb Line Squareness:
Within 1/3 arc second to plane
Scan Rate:
300 rpm/5rps nominal
Speed Variation:
Approximately 30 rpm
Power Supply: