M-221CLL-II Customized set of 4 legs for A-221 Medium-Bore, Self-Centering Bore Target

Set of 4 measuring legs, customized to 1 bore ID.  Used with the A-221LTA Medium-Bore, Self-Centering Bore Adapter Hub for 3.5-10 in. (90-255 mm) Bores and A-221 Small-Bore 2-Axis Target.  Self-centers the A-221 into a bore to measure straightness/alignment.  Takes about 5 seconds to get a measurement.

  • Cylinders
  • Single-barrel extruders
  • Small-bore engine blocks
  • Twin-barrel extruders
  • Self-centering
  • Customized to 1 bore ID
  • Stainless steel and hardened for long life

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