M-124-LiPO Rechargeable 9V Battery Pack

M-124-LiPO Rechargeable 9V Battery Pack


M-124-LiPO is a rechargeable 9V battery pack that provides an alternate power source to our 9V A/C power supply. The rechargeable battery pack can be used to power most of our scanning and straight-line lasers.  It features a mounting hook and powerful magnets to hold it on magnetic surfaces.  It can power a laser for up to 22 hours.


  • Injection molding machines
  • Boring mills, floor mills, gantries, machining centers, VTLs
  • Presses
  • Roll alignment


  • Powers all L-730/L-740 Series Scanning Lasers and the L-705/L-706/L-708 straight-line lasers.
  • 10,000 mAh of capacity with LED battery life indicator.
  • Retractable hook to hang the M-124-LiPO unit on any surface, such as the L-106 Instrument Stand.
  • Powerful magnets to secure the battery pack to any metal surface.
  • Lasers can be used while the battery pack is plugged into the A/C charger.
  • Laser Battery Life* with M-124-LiPO
    • L-730/L-740:                   24 hours
    • L-732/L-742:                    20 hours
    • L-733/L-743:                    16 hours
    • L-705/L-706/L-708:      100 hours+


*Estimated times with continuous use and all laser planes turned on.


Lithium Polymer
10,000 mAh/3.7V/37Wh
Output Voltage:
9V 2.0 amps
Output Current:
1x USB 2100mA; DC 2000mA
Recharging time:
7-8 hours
Operating Temperature:
Charging: 32° to 113°F (0 to 46° C)
Operating: 14° to 140° F (-10° to 60° C)
AC Adapter:
Input voltage: 100-240V 50/60 Hz
Output voltage: 12V and 9V
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