L-722 Dual Scan Laser – DISCONTINUED


The L-722 Double Scan Laser has two automatically rotating laser planes that are perpendicular to 1 arcsec and flat to 1/2 arc second in a 180º sweep and 1/4 arc second in a 90º sweep. The laser head can be configured to have one horizontal and one vertical laser plane or two vertical laser planes. The laser mounts on a machine or stable base so that the laser plane can project the measurement reference out to 100′ for each laser plane.The laser is completely self-contained and can operate on battery or AC power. Included with the laser is the L-123 Pitch/Roll/Yaw base with coarse and fine adjustments and 1 arcsec, lighted levels.


  • Machining Centers (HBM, VBM, VTL, VMC, HMC, Gantries, Surface Grinders)
  • Roll Forming
  • Vertical Press Alignment
  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Blown Film-Lines (roll alignment)
  • Film Lines (roll alignment)
  • Printing Presses (roll alignment)
  • Paper Machines (roll alignment)
  • Rubber (roll alignment)
  • Steel (roll alignment)
  • Textiles (roll alignment)
  • Saw Mills
  • Transfer-Line Wing Bases


  • Two continuously rotating laser planes with operational range of 100′ in radius.
  • Laser planes flat to 0.5 arcsec in 180º sweep and 0.25 arcsec in 90º sweep.
  • Planes/beams are mutually square to 1 arcsec.
  • Includes L-123 Pitch/Roll/Yaw base with coarse and fine adjustments and lighted levels.
  • Levels accurate to 1 arcsec.
  • Standard target: A-1519 Single-Axis Wireless Target with 1″ Measuring Range and .0001″ Resolution.
  • Uses A-1520 Single-Axis Wireless Target with 1 Micron (.00004″) Resolution for higher accuracy applications.
  • Targets provide live data display.
  • Instant on with virtually no warm-up.
  • Typical set-up time 20 minutes or less.
  • Diode laser 2 times more stable than HeNe based laser systems
  • Multiple mounting orientations.
  • System uses Windows 95/98 based software for quickly recording and analyzing machine geometry data.
  • Battery or AC powered.
  • Completely self-contained.
  • Laser and targets fit into a small, portable shipping case.


6.75 lbs (3.1 kg)
Battery Pack
1 lb (0.45 kg)
L-123 Base
10 lbs (4.54 kg)
Laser:Aluminum and Stainless Steel 

L-123 Base
Laser Type
isible diode, 670 nM wavelength Class II (Class I in scanning mode) .160" (4.06mm) beam diameter
Laser Power
Beam Stability
Translation: .0001 in/hr/ºF (.005mm/hr/ºC) 

0.2 arcsec/hr/ºF (0.36 arcsec/hr/ºC)
Beam Straightness
10 microinch/ft.,
+/- .0001" air noise
Beam/Plane Flatness
30 microinches/ft (2.5 microns/M) + maximum translation 
error of .0002 inches (5.0 microns) in a 360º sweep. 10 microinches/ft (0.8 microns/M) + maximum translation error of .0002 inches (5.0 microns) in a 90º sweep.
Beams/Planes are mutually perpendicular within 1.0 arcsec
Mechanical Parallelism/ 
Top and bottom mounting feet parallel to.0002"/ft (.017 mm/M). Plane #1 (top turret) parallel to base within .0003"/ft (.025 mm/M). Side and bottom mounting feet square within .0004"/ft (.033 mm/M).
Operating Modes
1 or 2 beams and/or planes in any combination, switched individually.
Power Supply
9V DC external battery pack (4 cells) or 115V AC adapter L-123 Base Adj. 

+/- 1.5º
0.17 arcsec (.001"/100')