L-720M Stud Mounted Machine Tool Laser – DISCONTINUED


The L-720M was designed specifically to be used for both lathe-type alignments and machining center-type alignments. It is virtually the same as the L-720 except the laser can be removed from the base and inserted into a spindle chuck using a .500″ mounting stud. Like the L-720, it has a single, continuously rotating laser plane with a straight-line laser that is plumb to the plane. The laser-tilt base includes split-prism levels that are accurate to1 arc-second. The laser mounts on a machine or stable base so that the laser plane can project the reference out to 100′. The laser may also be mounted at a 90º angle, producing a vertical scan plane to measure column geometry.


  • Turning Applications (Cylindrical, OD/ID Grinders, Lathes)
  • Machining Centers (HBM, VBM, VTL, VMC, HMC, Gantries, Surface Grinders)
  • Rotary Dial Machines
  • Transfer Lines (spindle)
  • Boring Bars


  • Measures and corrects errors in both machine bed flatness and column squareness.
  • Mounts in spindles for headstock-to-tailstock or
    spindle-axis-to-master-part alignment.
  • Laser plane flat to 0.5 arcsec in 180º sweep and 0.25 arcsec in 90º sweep.
  • Plumb beam plus standard continuously rotating laser are square to within 1 arcsec.
  • Specialized base equipped with illuminated, split-prism levels accurate to 1 arcsec.
  • Mounts on machine or stable base, such as the L-106, to project reference out to 100′ in radius.
  • Mounts at 90º angle to produce vertical scan plane for measuring column straightness and flatness.
  • Instant with virtually no warm up.
  • Fast, simple set-up.
  • Targets provide live data display.
  • Laser and targets fit into portable carrying case.


"Laser: 1.65 lbs (0.7 kg) 
Base: 5.4 lbs. (4.2 kg)"
Aluminum and stainless steel
Laser Type
"Visible diode, 670 nM wavelength. Class II (Class I in scanning mode).
.160" (4.06mm) beam diameter."
Operating Distance
"100 feet in radius 
Beam Power: <0.9 mW"
Beam Stability
.0001"/hr./ºF (.005mm/hr/ºC) translational 0.2 arcsec./hr/ºF (.36 arc sec/hr/ºC) angular
Beam/Plane Straightness
10 microinch/ft., +/- .0001" air noise
Plane Flatness
30µin/ft. (2.5 µin/M) +/- .0001" (2.5 µin) 360º sweep. 10µ/ft. (0.8 µin/M) +/- .0001" (2.5 µin) 90º sweep
Beam to Stud Centering
Within .0002"
Beam to Stud Angle
Within .0002"/ft.
Operating Mode
Single beam and/or sweeping plane
Clip-on or Plug-in Power Supply
Powered by a 9V DC external battery pack (2 cells) (6-8 hrs. of continuous operation) or a 115V AC adapter
Split Prism Level Vials
Accurate to 1 arcsec
Spindle Mounting Hardware
.500" (12.7mm) standard mounting stud