L-720 Machine Tool Laser – DISCONTINUED


The L-720 adds a plumb laser beam to the L-719 style laser, offering the capability of checking and correcting squareness as well as flatness and straightness. This is the lowest cost alternative for machining center alignment. The continuously rotating laser plane is square to the plumb beam to within 1 arc second. A specialized base is equipped with illuminated, split-prism levels that are accurate to 1 arc second. It has an operational range of 100 feet in radius. The laser mounts on a machine or stable base so that the laser plane can project the reference out to 100′. The laser may also be mounted at a 90ø angle, producing a vertical scan plane to measure column geometry.


  • Machining Centers (HBM, VBM, VTL, VMC, HMC, Gantries, Surface Grinders)
  • Large Lathe Beds
  • Presses


  • Measures and corrects errors in both machine bed flatness and column squareness.
  • Laser plane flat to 0.5 arcsec in 180º sweep and 0.25 arcsec in 90º sweep.
  • Plumb beam plus standard continuously rotating laser are square to within 1 arcsec.
  • Specialized base equipped with illuminated, split-prism levels accurate to 1 arcsec.
  • Mounts on machine or stable base, such as the L-106, to project reference out to 100′ in radius.
  • Mounts at 90º angle to produce vertical scan plane for measuring column straightness and flatness.


1.65 lbs (0.7 kg)
5.4 lbs. (4.2 kg)
Aluminum and stainless steel
Laser Type
Visible diode, 670 nM wavelength. Class II (Class I in scanning mode). .160" (4.06mm) beam diameter.
Operating Distance
100 feet in radius
Beam Power
<0.9 mW
Beam Stability
0001"/hr./ºF (.005mm/hr/ºC) translational 0.2 arcsec./hr/ºF (.36 arcsec/hr/ºC) angular
Beam Plane Straightness
10 microinch/ft., +/- .0001" air noise
Plane Flatness
30µin/ft. (2.5 µin/M) +/- .0001" (2.5 µin) 360º sweep 10µin/ft. (0.8 µin/M) +/- .0001" (2.5 µin) 90º sweep
Beam to Plane Squareness
Beam and plane perpendicular to within 1 arcsec
Operating Mode
Single beam and/or sweeping plane
Clip-on or Plug-in Power Supply
Powered by a 9V DC external battery pack (2 cells) (6-8 hrs. of continuous operation) or a 115V AC adapter
Split Prism Level Vials
Backlit and accurate to 1 arcsec