L-703 Bore & Spindle Alignment Laser

L-703 Bore & Spindle Alignment Laser


The L-703 Bore & Spindle Laser is a small, battery-operated, diode laser that mounts either in our L-112 X-Y Laser Stand or in a collet or chuck of a spindle.  It is used for bore alignment, cylinder straightness, spindle alignments and twin-barrel extruders.

The L-703 features X-Y angular adjustments with a resolution of .00001 in/ft (0.0008 mm/m) and a range of ±0.36° (±.075 in/ft or ± 6.26 mm/m).  There is a 0.4995 mounting stud with the laser pre-aligned concentric to the stud to <.0005 in. (0.012 mm).  It also feature a lithium-ion rechargeable battery with up to 11 hours of battery life.  The AC charging adapter can also be used for continuous operation.

The L-703 can be used with any of our bore or spindle alignment targets, such as the A-221, A-510, A-512, T-212, T-261, T-1295, and several more.


  • Compressor bores
  • Cylinder straightness
  • Engine block crankshaft bores
  • Guideway straightness
  • Gun barrel straightness for artillery and naval guns
  • Helicopter tail rotor bearing bores
  • Lathe/turning center spindle alignments
  • Stern-tube and shaft-bearing bores in ships
  • Surface plates
  • Twin-barrel extruder to gearbox alignment


  • Lightweight, portable, LiOn battery-operated, compact, rugged design
  • High-resolution angular adjustments for quick alignment of laser beam to bore reference with resolution of .00001 in/ft (0.0008 mm/m) and a range of ± .0375 in./ft (± 3.13 mm/m)
  • Long-range, high accuracy can be used up to 100 feet (30.5 m)
  • Can be used on many different applications
  • Laser is concentric to mounting stud to <.0005 in. (0.012 mm)
  • Visible laser beam with collimated 5 mm beam
  • Virtually instantaneous warm-up
  • Up to 11 hours battery life continuous use
  • Easy fixturing for custom applications
  • Supports most HLI bore and spindle targets.


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15.9 oz. (0.45 kg)
Laser Power:
< 0.9 mW
Power Supply:
4,000 mAh Rechargeable LiOn battery.
Battery Life:
up to 11 hours continuous use
.4495 in. (11.42 mm) OD mounting stud on back of laser
Concentricity to Mounting Stud:
Laser beam concentric to stud <.0005 in. (0.012 mm)
Angular Adjustment:
Horizontal and vertical axes controlled by 2 adjustment knobs on the front of the laser
Angular Adj. Range:
±0.36° (±.075 in/ft or ± 6.26 mm/m)
Angular Adj. Resolution
.00001 in/ft (0.0008 mm/m)
Operating Distance:
100 ft (30.5 meters)
Laser Beam Diameter:
.20 in. (5 mm)
Laser Wavelength:
670 nanometers
Aluminum flange, 440 stainless steel, plastic
All mounting surfaces:
Hardened and ground (54-60 Rockwell)