L-700 Spindle Alignment Laser

L-700 Spindle Alignment Laser


The L-700 is a Class II diode laser, designed primarily for alignment of spindles to sub spindles or tailstocks. The L-700 has 4 axes of adjustment to align the laser beam to be co-linear and concentric to the center of its mounting stud or the axis of rotation of a spindle in which it is mounted.

The L-700 is typically used in applications up to 30 ft (9.1 m), although the laser can be used out to 100 ft (30.5 m). Built-in levels on the top and bottom provide easy indexing when used to invert the laser while using Lathe9 Software to remove mounting errors for error correction readings.

Other features include a shutter to protect the optics and an LED to indicate when the beam is on. Power is provided to the laser by a standard 9-volt battery for up to 8 hours of operation. The unit comes with a .5 in. (12.7 mm) mounting stud that simplifies fixturing and can be removed to adapt the unit to custom fixtures or other alignment applications. It can be used with the L-111 Laser Stand for non-spindle.


  • Headstock spindle alignment to sub spindles or tailstocks
  • Transfer-line spindle alignment to master parts
  • Rotary-dial machines
  • Indexing large parts on boring mills
  • Turning applications (cylindrical, OD/ID grinders, lathes)
  • Twin-barrel extruders


  • Mounts in the spindle to project its axis of rotation, allowing even the largest transfer-line machines to be aligned quickly and effortlessly
  • Vertical and horizontal controls on the front for both angle and center for fine adjustment of laser to spindle axis of rotation
  • T-261A 4-Axis Target provides live measurement data in 4 axes simultaneously (vertical and horizontal angle and center)
  • Simple fixturing for mounting the laser and target
  • Visible-light beam aids setup
  • Runs for up to 8 hours on a standard, replaceable 9-volt battery
  • Compact and rugged


18 oz. (510 g)
Aluminum + Stainless Steel
Standard Mount:
.500 in. (12.7 mm) diameter mounting stud - can be replaced. 440C stainless steel, RC54-58 hardness
CLASS II, < 0.9 mw, 6 mm diameter
9-volt battery
Laser Operational Range:
Up to 50 ft. (15 meters) but measurements can be taken to 100 ft.
Adjustment Resolution:
Center: .0001in. (.0025 mm)
Angular: .0001 in/ft (0.008 mm/m)
Beam Adjustment Range:
Center: ± .010 in. (0.25 mm)
Angular: ± 0.25 degrees (± 4.2 mm/m)