L-103 Optical Beam Translator

L-103 Optical Beam Translator


The L-103 Optical Beam Translator is a laser-centering accessory designed to mount on the front of the L-703 laser to precisely translate (center) the laser beam for bore alignment and similar applications.  It has a resolution of .0001 in. (0.0025 mm) and range of ±.043 in. (±1.09 mm).  The L-103 uses a parallel-sided optic to adjust the position of the laser beam without changing the angle, greatly speeding up laser buck-ins.


  • Compressor bores
  • Cylinder straightness
  • Engine block crankshaft bores
  • Guideway straightness
  • Gun barrel straightness for artillery and naval guns
  • Helicopter tail rotor bearing bores
  • Lathe/turning center spindle alignments
  • Stern-tube and shaft-bearing bores in ships
  • Twin-barrel extruder to gearbox alignment


  • Changes laser position without changing angle, speeding up laser buck-in
  • .0001 in. (0.0025 mm) resolution
  • ±.043 in. (±1.09 mm)laser beam adjustment range
  • Easy installation on L-703 with a magnetic mount
  • Compact and lightweight


Beam Position Resolution:
.0001 in. (0.0025 mm)
Beam Position Adjustment Range:
±.043 in. (±1.09 mm)
Quick mount with embedded rare-earth magnets to front of L-703 Laser.
see drawing
aluminum and glass
At present, can only be used with the L-703 Laser.