L-102-SA Laser-Beam Translator

L-102-SA Laser-Beam Translator


A stand-alone variant of our L-102 Laser Beam Translator that mounts on a magnetic base and post.  The L-102-SA has a beam-steering device using parallel-sided glass to translate the vertical and horizontal position of our straight-line lasers without affecting the angle of the laser beam. It comes with our M-1519MB Mag Base and 12.5 in. (317.5 mm) 3-piece post set to hold the L-102-SA on a vertical or horizontal surface.  It features coarse and fine adjustments for translations as small as .0001 in. (0.0025 mm) with range of laser beam adjustment of  ±.100 in. (±2.5 mm).


  • Compressor bearing bores
  • Engine blocks bores
  • Large caliber gun barrels
  • Stern tube bores
  • Used with the following lasers:  L-702, L-702SP, L-705, L-706 and L-708.


  • Very accurately adjusts the position (H & V centering) of the laser beam without changing the angle.
  • 130 lb.  (60 kg) mag base with 12.5 in. (317.5 mm) 3-piece post set.
  • Horizontal & vertical translation with coarse and fine adjustments.
  • Positions the laser beam to within .0001 in. (00.25 mm) of the center of the target.
  • Adjustment range of ±.100 in. (2.5 mm)
  • Used mostly in bore alignment applications to optically center laser beams to targets


5.25 x 3.50 x 1.65 in. (133 x 89 x 42 mm)
1.0 lbs (0.45 kg)
Centering Adjustment Resolution:
.0001 in. (0.0025 mm)
Centering Adjustment Range:
± .100 in. (2.5 mm)
Mounting Post Hole Diameter:
.625 (18.88 mm)
Magnetic Base & Post:
Magnetic Base with 130 lb. (60 kg) holding force and 3-Piece 12.5 in. (317.5 mm) mounting post