EL-905 Electronic Bubble Level – DISCONTINUED



EL-905 Electronic Digital Bubble Levels are the only electronic levels of their kind that use a standard bubble level and sophisticated electronics to create a very accurate, durable and stable level. It is accurate to 0.5 arc seconds with a range of +/- 1000 arc seconds (0.06”/ft or 5 mm/M). The best news of all is that the new digital bubble level technology has enabled us to price the units at about half the price of a standard electronic level! The EL-905 has a fixed display and the EL-905 has a rotating display that swivels nearly 360 degrees for easy viewing on any side of the level. Each level also features a resolution switch, a unit switch that allows the reading to be displayed in inches/10″, mm/M or arc seconds and a Calibrate Mode that allows field calibration. The EL-905 use a CCD array to read the edge of a standard, very durable bubble level. This means they can be knocked over and dropped from small heights, and it will not hurt the accuracy of the level, nor will it require factory recalibration. Compared to other electronic levels that require an expensive recalibration (up to $600) every time they are knocked over, the EL-905 is the ideal level to handle any harsh industrial environment. In fact, with the field calibration capability, the EL-905 should only need 1 annual calibration for ISO9000 purposes. The EL-905 features several mounting bases that can be easily switched in the field. There is the standard 10″ (250.4 mm) measuring base and a v-block base is available for measuring level of rolls or spindles on HBMs or HMCs. The v-block base also features a strapping system to keep the level from falling off a roll or spindle. Customized bases are also available.


  • Measuring level of any horizontal surface
  • Leveling machine beds
  • Surface plate calibration
  • Measuring level of rolls and spindles in HBMs and HMCs
  • Measuring the level of paper mill, printing press and other process mill rolls.



  • Level is accurate to 0.5 arc seconds (0.00003″/ft or .0025 mm/M)
    [Also available with 0.1 arc second accuracy]
  • Large measuring range of +/-1000 arc seconds (0.06”/ft or 5 mm/M)
  • Easy-to-see display that rotates 350 degrees (EL-905 only)
  • Operational modes:
    ACTUAL – displays the actual level reading
    CALIBRATE – allows the user to calibrate the level using a simple reversal procedure
    In./10”, mm/M or Arcsec resolution modes
  • Very stable with little drift
  • Standard base: 6″
  • Optional bases:
    – 10″ and 12″ flat base
    – 6” and 10” V-block base for roll level checks (comes with strap to keep it from falling off rolls)
  • Durable, compact design
  • Comes with durable foam lined case