A-808 X-Y Calibration Fixture

A-808 X-Y Calibration Fixture


The A-808 X-Y Center Calibration Fixture, which comes with the X-Y stage with certified micrometers and a mount for the L-705/L-706/L-708 Lasers, is used to calibrate the targets and readout or computer interfaces for centering and span errors.  The fixture requires a centering and X-Y stage mounting adapter for each target.  The calibration factors are then uploaded to the R-1307 Readout via the S-1410 Calibration software.


  • Calibration for L-703, L-702SP, L-705, L-706, L-708 straight beam lasers.
  • Calibration for A-510, A-512, T-218, T-219, T-212, T-1218, T-1220, T-1295, T-1296 multi-axis targets.  Note:  calibration of T-261 requires A-807 Calibration Fixture.
  • Requires S-1410 Calibration Software.
  • Please contact us for more help with this fixture.


  • .001 in (0.025 mm) calibrated micrometer with resolution up to .0001 in. (0.0025 mm) for measuring PSD center span errors.
  • Used to generate centering and span error calibration factors for HLI’s alignment software or readouts.
  • Requires 1 mounting adapter for the Centering Error calibration and 1 mounting adapter for the X-Y Span Error calibration.
  • Part numbers:
    • A-808    Calibration Fixture with X-Y Target Stage for T-218/T-219 and L-705 Laser Mount
      • A-808-212C         T-212 Target Centering Adapter
      • A-808-212XY       T-212 Target X-Y Stage Adapter
      • A-808-218C         T-218 Target Centering Adapter
      • A-808-219C         T-219 Target Centering Adapter
      • A-808-510C         A-510 Target Centering Adapter
      • A-808-510XY       A-510 Target X-Y Stage Adapter
      • A-808-512C         A-512 Target Centering Adapter
      • A-808-512XY       A-512 Target X-Y Stage Adapter
      • A-808-700            L-700 Laser Mounting Hardware
      • A-808-708            L-708 Mounting Flange
      • A-808-1218C       T-1218 Target Centering Adapter
      • A-808-1218XY    T-1218 Target X-Y Stage
      • A-808-1220C       T-1220 Target Centering Adapter
      • A-808-1220XY    T-1220 Target X-Y Stage Adapter


12.0 (L) x 3.75 (W) x 7.25 (H) (304.8 x 95.3 x 184.2 mm). X-Y stage adds 1.95 in. in height
Aluminum and Steel
Micrometer resolution:
.001 in. (0.025 mm) but can be used for .0001 in. (0.0025 mm) measurements.