A-807 X-Y Angle/Center Calibration Fixture

Calibration fixture for the L-700 Laser and T-261 4-Axis Target. Allows the calibration of the V & H center values and the V & H angular values using cal-lab-certified micrometers and HLI software. Can also be used to set the laser beam to the middle if it’s adjustment range prior to starting an alignment job. Used with the S-1380 Read8, S-1390 Spindle8 and S-1410 R-1307 Calibration software programs.

Dimensions: LxHxW:
17 x 9.5 x 3in. (431 x 241 x 76 mm)
22.5 lbs oz (10.2 kg)
Distance between mounting surfaces:
12 in (302 mm)
Mounting Hole Diameter
0.4995 in (12.687 mm)

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