A-514A-EX Small-Bore Target Adapter Hub + Legs for A-512/L-708 – 3.75-9.75 in. (95-248 mm) Diam Bores


Fully adjustable, self-centering bore adapter for the L-708 Laser and A-512 2-Axis Bore Target to self-center the laser and target into a bore for bores from 3.75 – 9.75 in. (95 – 248 mm) in diameter.  The A-514A-EX comes with the A-514GL Leg-Setting Gage to set the legs to the proper nominal bore diameter.  Centering accuracy is ~ .0005 in. (0.012 mm).

Does not require a 0 + 180 degree measurements like conventional bore targets or a sweep unit like some competing bore alignment lasers.  Just insert the target + adapter into the bore and in 5 seconds,  you have the measurement.



  • Compressor bores
  • Cylinders
  • Engine block bores
  • Extruder barrels
  • Locomotive engine bores


  • Designed to self-center the A-512 2-Axis Bore Target and L-708 Laser.
  • Fully adjustable for bore diameters from 3.75 – 9.75 in. (95 – 248 mm) using A-514GS Leg-Setting Gage and included 12 in. (304 mm) digital calipers.
  • Takes just 5 seconds to insert into a bore and get a concentricity or straightness measurement.
  • Does not require 2 measurements, 0 degrees and 180 degrees, like conventional bore spider fixtures.
  • Does not require sweeping the bore like conventional or laser bore spider sweep fixtures.
  • High accuracy.  With care accuracies of .0003 in. (0.0075 mm) in 10 feet (3 m) can be achieved.


Supported Laser/Targets:
L-708, L-708LD and A-512 2-Axis Bore Target
Bore Diameter Range:
3.75 - 6.75 in. (96-172mm) bores diameters. A-514GS/A-514GL Leg-Setting Gage sets the legs to nominal bore ID using supplied calipers.
1.22 in. (30.99 mm) Measuring Legs:
For Bore ID's: 3.750-4.750 in. (95.25-120.65 mm)
1.72 in. (43.69 mm) Measuring Legs:
For Bore ID's: 4.750-5.750 in. (120.65-146.05 mm)
2.22 in. (56.39 mm) Measuring Legs:
For Bore ID's: 5.750-6.750 in. (146.05-171.45 mm)
2.72 in. (69.08 mm) Measuring Legs:
For Bore ID's: 6.750-7.750 in. (171.45-196.85 mm)
3.22 in. (81.79 mm) Measuring Legs:
For Bore ID's: 7.750-8.750 in. (196.85-222.25 mm)
3.72 in. (94.49mm)Measuring Legs:
For Bore ID's: 8.750-9.750 in. (222.25-247.65 mm)
Aluminum and stainless steel