A-511 Wand Bore Target – DISCONTINUED


The Model A-511 Wand Bore Target is a single-axis, micrometer-adjustable target designed for measuring the center of large bores. It uses a fixture with two legs: a measuring leg, with an adjustable measuring tip, and a brace leg that is perpendicular to the measuring leg and ending in a T-shaped tip. The legs are supplied by the user, made from hollow steel tubing and cut to a length so that the distance from the tip of the measuring leg to the target center is approximately equal to the radius of the bore. The target’s micrometer provides the fine centering adjustment. The target head swivels to face the beam regardless of its direction, and the unit has a ten-foot cable that can be used with target extension cables to fit any size bore or working environment.

To take bore alignment readings, the A-511 is set horizontally to the same side of each bore to be measured and is “zeroed out” using the micrometer. For vertical center measurements, the target measuring leg is then positioned vertically and the bore center measurement is taken by sweeping the target through “top-dead center”. For the horizontal measurement, the target measuring leg is set horizontally to the side opposite where the target was “zeroed out”. To find “top-dead center” the A-511 is swept though the “high point”; in other words, the target is moved toward and away from the laser, along the centerline, and the highest reading is recorded.


  • Turbine and other bore alignment


  • Light weight and capable of measuring bore radii from 6″ to 48″+ (150 mm to 1.2 M).
  • Fast set up with very repeatable measurements.
  • .0001″ (.0025 mm) resolution.
  • Provides live measurement data to show alignment moves as they are being made.
  • Uses standard, easy-to-locate conduit for measurement and brace legs.
  • Comes with 3 measurement tips for variations in measurement surface. Each tip has 4″ (101 mm) of adjustment range.


1.25 lbs (.56 kg) without legs
Target body: Aluminum
Cable Length
Length: 10 feet (3 Meters)
8-pin CPC
Micrometer Range
.500" (12.7 mm)
Target Cell Sensitivity
.0001" (.003 mm)
+/- .150" (+/- 3.8 mm) single axis
Within 5%