A-510STA Medium-Bore Adapter Hub – 2.25-6 in. (57-152 mm) Bores

A-510STA Medium-Bore Adapter Hub – 2.25-6 in. (57-152 mm) Bores


Medium Bore, Self-Centering Bore Adapter Hub for 2.25-6 in. (57-152 mm) Bores. Used with A-510 2-Axis Bore Target.  Requires a set of replaceable M-705CLS Customized Measuring Legs to self-center the A-510 bore target. M-705CLS legs are customized to 1 bore ID.  A-510LTA self-centers the A-510 Target into a bore to measure straightness/alignment.  Takes about 5 seconds to get a measurement.


  • Cylinders
  • Single-barrel extruders
  • Twin-barrel extruders


  • Customized measuring legs machined to a specific length for 1 extruder bore.
  • Measuring Legs insert quickly into A-221STA for easy assembly and fast alignments.
  • Self-centers the A-510 Target into the bore to .0005 in. (0.013 mm) accuracy.
  • Takes 5 seconds to take a bore alignment measurement.


Bore Target:
A-510 2-Axis Bore Target
1.63 x 1.81 in. (41.3 x 46.0 mm)
Bore-Diameter Range:
2.25 to 6.00 in. (57 to 152 mm)
Customized Bore Adapter Legs:
M-705CLS - customer specifies bore ID
Measuring Modes:
Self-Centering and Measuring (Bore ID Change)