A-510A, A-510B, A-510C Self-Centering Bore Adapters

A-510A, A-510B, A-510C Self-Centering Bore Adapters


Used with the A-510 2-Axis Bore Target, the A-510A, A-510B and A-510C are customizable, self-centering bore adapters used to self-center the A-510 Target in a bore. Originally designed for extruder barrels, the A-510 and these adapters can be used for any bores to check alignment and bore straightness. See How It Works – Extruder Barrel Alignment (link: https://www.hamarlaser.com/index.php/component/content/article/45 ).

The A-510A/B/C adapters self-center the A-510 Target into the bore to measure its alignment/concentricity to reference bores, or to other centerline references, without the need to take 2 measurements (0 degrees and 180 degrees). They can handle bore-diameter changes of up to +/- .040 in. (1 mm).

The adapters are customized to a specific nominal bore ID and used only for bores that have an ID within +/- .040 in. (1 mm) of the nominal ID. They fit easily over the A-510 -2-Axis Target to measure bore alignment in seconds.

Bore Size Chart:

Select the adapter type to match the nominal bore ID:

A-510A: 2 to 5 in. (50.8-127 mm)
A-510B: 4 to 8 in. (101-200 mm)
A-510C: 8 to 12 in. (200-305 mm)



  • Self-centering bore adapters customized to the bore ID
  • Works with A-510 2-Axis Bore Target for nearly instantaneous bore alignment/concentricity measurements.
  • Easily fits on A-510 Target.
  • Hardened carbide tooling balls for the measuring tips on the 4 adapter legs.
  • Rugged and lightweight