A-1530 Height Gauge – DISCONTINUED


The A-1530 Digital Height Gauge Target operates with all of Hamar Laser’s continuously rotating lasers. The target provides the actual dimension from the laser scan plane to the surface being measured, allowing two surfaces to be made parallel to a specific offset. The target has a maximum measuring distance of 69 inches, with accuracy to +/- .001″ (.025 mm) .

Standard target configuration includes 2 lithium ion batteries charger, a magnetic base, and 24″ (610 mm) pole with large radius tip. The target may be mounted vertically or horizontally, and the Top Dead Center feature provides automatic correction for the target not being at top dead center.


  • Transfer-Line Wing Bases
  • Machining Centers (HBM, VBM, VTL, VMC, HMC, Gantries, Surface Grinders)
  • Roll Forming
  • Presses
  • Continuous Casters
  • Ship Building


  • Provides the actual dimension from the laser scan plane to the surface being measured.
  • Easy initialization and operation. Accurate to +/- .001″ (.025 mm) with a 69-inch (1.75 M) maximum measuring distance.
  • Uses a two (610 mm), four (1.2 M), or six-foot (1.8 M) calibrated carbon fiber pole.
  • Can set two surfaces to a specific offset and at the same time make them parallel.
  • Target includes 2 lithium ion batteries, battery charger, magnetic base, and a 24″ pole with a large radius tip. 4 and 6-foot poles and application-specific tips are also available.
  • May be mounted vertically or horizontally to accommodate a variety of alignment tasks.
  • Top Dead Center feature provides automatic correction for measurement errors caused by the target deviating from top dead center (12:00 position).


"Head 3" wide x 6" high x 2.75" deep (76.2 mm X 152.4 mm X 69.9 m"
"Head: 3 lbs. w/battery (1.36 kg) 
Poles: 2-foot .6 lbs. w/tip (0.27 kg) 
4-foot .8 lbs. w/tip (0.36 kg) 
6-foot 1 lb. w/tip (0.45 kg)
Magnetic Base: 2 lbs. (1.25 kg)"
"2-foot, 4-foot, 6-foot (0.6 m, 1.2 m, 1.8 m)"
Rechargeable lithium ion battery
Battery Life
8 hours, continuous
Recharge Time
2-4 hours
2-foot pole
17" (432 mm)
4-foot pole
41" (1041 mm)
6-foot pole
65" (1651 mm)
+/- 0.800" (20.3 mm)
Pin Spacing
1.500" (38.1 mm)
"Overall measuring accuracy : +/- .0015" (0.038 mm)"
Pole Pin Spacing
+/- .0005" (0.013 mm)
Head Reading (relative)
+/- .001" (0.025 mm)