A-1519-900XBE Single-Axis Wireless Target

A-1519-900XBE Single-Axis Wireless Target


The A-1519-900XB Single-Axis, Wireless Target has a very high resolution of .00002 in. (0.0005 mm) and accuracy with a large measuring range of ±.55 (±14 mm).  For higher-accuracy applications, the A-1520-900XB Target has double the resolution and accuracy.  Both targets are used with all of HLI’s scanning lasers and operate with Xbee® 900 MHz radio technology that allows communication with up to 99 targets at the same time by using a robust, frequency-hopping radio technology. The data for these targets updates in real time and is sent either to a handheld PDA or a Windows®-based laptop or tablet.


  • Caster Segments
  • Boring Mills and Large Lathes
  • Gantry, Spar Mills and VTLs
  • Horizontal & Vertical Machining Centers
  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Machine Bed Leveling
  • Presses
  • Roll Alignment


  • Operate in both Single and Dual-Axis Modes (depending on the readout used) and use XBee® 900 MHz radio technology
    • Single-Axis Scanning Mode – used with Hamar Laser’s continuously sweeping lasers (L-730/L-740 series) for measuring the flatness, straightness, squareness and parallelism of both machine tools and rolls.
    • Dual-Axis Mode – used to detect non rotating laser beams in such applications as steam turbine bore alignment.
  • Feature 2-axis position-sensitive detectors with automatic background-light correction for extremely accurate readings.
  • Several options are available to display the target data:
    • The R-1356-900XB Rugged PDA display
    • The R-1307-900XB Readout for 2-Targets
    • R-1307W-900XB Readout for 2-Targets
    • R-1308 Single-Axis Readout
    • A-910-900XB Computer Interface for use on a laptop
  • Resolution of .00002 in. (0.0005 mm) and a measuring range of ± .55 in. (± 14 mm)
  • Linearized accuracy of ± .00015 in. (±0.0038 mm)
  • Targets can be used out to 100 feet (30.5 mm) from the laser.
  • The A-1519 package include the target, a magnetic base and three insert posts: 6.25 in., 4 in., and 2 in. (158.8 mm, 101.6 mm and 50.8 mm) for coarse height adjustment
  • Completely automatic on/off operation with no switches, wires or connections. The target activates when the laser beam sweeps across the target cell and flashing target LEDs provide immediate “on/off target” status
  • Powered by 2 internal lithium ion batteries for up to 11.5 hours of continuous use. Comes with AC adapter/charger, low battery and charging indicators.
  • Targets can also be charged with the optional A-1519CS-4 Charging Station that charges up to 4 targets simultaneously
  • Communication working distance (PDA/PC Base Station to target) is 150 feet (45 m) or greater.


Sensor Resolution
.00002 in. (0.0005 mm)
Linearized Accuracy
±.00015 in. (±0.0038 mm)
Measuring Range
± .55 in. (± 14 mm)
Detector Size/Type:
2-Axis PSD, 1.30 x 5.1 in. (33 x 13 mm)
Radio Frequency
902 - 928 MHz
Transmit Power
5 mW (+7 dBm)
Indoor Range
~250 ft. (76 m)
Battery Life:
11.5 hours continuous duty
Operating Temperature:
35° F to 140° F (2° C to 60° C)
Operating Range:
100 feet (30 m) from laser to target
Measuring Target Weight:
14 oz (0.40 kg)
Magnetic Base Size:
2.00 W x 2.53 H x 3.55 in. D (w/o T-screw) >br/> (50.8 x 64.2 x 105.2 mm (w/o handle )
Magnetic Base Weight:
2.78 lb (1.26 kg)
Agency Certifications for the XBee® FCC (United States of America) Certification Contains FCC ID: MCQ-XB900HP IC (Industry Canada) Certification Contains IC: 1846A-XB900HP