Steel Mills

Proper machine alignment in steel mills is critical to maintaining product quality, but conventional alignment methods are time consuming and complicated, requiring multiple operators. This includes operations like setting the correct caster roll pass line, which is one of the more time-consuming tasks in maintaining continuouds-caster steel mills.

L-743 Ultra-Precision Triple Scan® Laser Alignment System

The product of more than 30 years of roll machine and steel mill alignment experience, Hamar Laser’s L-743 Ultra-Precision Triple Scan® Laser Alignment System offers the precision and time-savings to meet the ever-tightening tolerances of the steel industry:

  • Combining 3 automatically rotating laser planes with the highest accuracy in the industry, this powerful tool not only finds but also fixes geometry problems up to 70% faster than conventional methods.
  • Extremely simple to use and easy to set up, the L-743 can quickly and accurately check the squareness of the pins to the face of the caster, and check the plumb of the segment pins in the mill.
  • 2-3x more accurate than optics or competing roll lasers kits with roll parallelism accuracy of .00006 in/ft (0.005 mm/m).
  • Unlike optical methods that require at least 2 operators, the L-743 only requires 1 operator; it easily measures and sets the heights of caster segment rolls and checks all the rolls of a segment with 1 setup.
  • Laser planes have a flatness of .00003 in/ft (0.0025 mm/m), and are mutually square up to .00006 in/ft (0.005 mm/m).
  • A-1519-2.4ZB measuring targets (sensors) resolution of up to .00002 in. (0.005 mm) and a measuring range of up to +/-.55 in. (+/-14 mm).
  • Machines 1,000 feet (300 m) long or longer can easily be checked with our unique Laser Transfer Process.
  • Real-time data updating allows fast and easy adjustment of rolls if out of alignment.
  • Wireless communication with effective range up to 150 ft (45 m).
  • Easy to learn, the L-742 requires only 1 operator, reducing manpower and allowing techs to be used elsewhere.

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L-743 Ultra-Precision Triple Scan® Laser Alignment System Configuration