Printing Presses

With printing presses, proper roll alignment is essential to maximize machine throughput and reducing scrap. When rolls are improperly aligned, the print gets out of phase, increasing scrap rates and quality problems.  Current optical methods are too slow and have too much measurement variability from one operator to the next.  While other lasers are available, they are also too slow and suffer from accuracy limitations that all but eliminate any advantages over old methods. Fortunately, we offer a MUCH better laser system that is the most accurate in the industry.

L-742 Ultra-Precision Dual Scan® Roll Alignment System

The L-742 Ultra-Precision Dual-Scan® Roll Alignment System offers the quickest, easiest, and most accurate way to align the rolls of a printing press.  The L-742 features:

  • Up to 70% faster than optics or competing laser systems.
  • Machines 1,000 feet (300 m) long or longer can easily be checked with our unique Laser Transfer Process.
  • 2-3x more accurate than optics or competing roll lasers kits with roll parallelism accuracy of .00006 in/ft (0.005 mm/m).
  • A-1519-2.4ZB Targets have a large measuring range of  ±.55 in. (±14 mm) and a resolution of .00002 in. (0.0005 mm).
  • Use up to 5 A-1519-2.4ZB Target simultaneously with the R-1357-2.4ZB PDA Readout to speed up laser transfers, data taking and recording.
  • Real-time data updating allows fast and easy adjustment of rolls if out of alignment.
  • Wireless communication with effective range up to 150 ft (45 m).
  • Easy to learn, the L-742 requires only 1 operator, reducing manpower and allowing techs to be used elsewhere.

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L-742 Ultra-Precision Dual Scan® Roll Alignment System Configuration