Split-Joint Flatness Measurement

During an outage, time is money – literally.  Pioneered by an HLI-customer, the latest “tops off” alignment method required a fast and very accurate measurement of split-joint flatness.  Existing optical methods took too long and were not repeatable from one operator to the next.  Fortunately they found our L-740 Ultra-Precision Leveling Laser and it gave them the accuracy and simplicity they needed to make this method work well from one operator to the next.   

L-740 Ultra-Precision Leveling/Flatness Laser System

The L-740 Ultra-Precision Leveling/Flatness Alignment System offers a much faster and much more accurate and repeatable way to check the flatness of split joints.  The L-740 features:

  • A automatically rotating laser plane, with an accuracy 0.00003 in/ft (0.0025 mm/m), for fast, high-precision flatness checks.
  • High resolution A-1519-2.4ZB Targets with an operating range up to 100 ft (30.5 m) in radius and a resolution of .00002 in. (0.0005 mm) providing greater repeatability and accuracy than traditional methods.
  • Wireless communication with a range of up to 150 ft. (45 m).
  • Multiple targets can be used with the L-740, easing set-up and speeding up data taking by up to 50% versus transits/theodolites.
  • 75% less training and easier to learn than optical methods.
  • L-740 requires only 1 operator, even on the largest jobs, minimizing the manpower required for alignment.
  • High-accuracy level vials, accurate up to .00006 in/ft (0.005 mm/m), ensure the laser unit is perfectly leveled for error-free measurement.
  • Powerful Windows-based software records and analyzes data, and can run on any Windows tablet or laptop.

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L-740 Ultra-Precision Leveling/Flatness Laser System Configuration