Injection Molding Machines

The critical alignments of any injection molding machine are platen-to-platen parallelism and tie bar squareness. Poor alignment results in premature wear on the mold, part flashing, and stress on tie bars. With long lead times and mold costs of $75,000 or more, proper alignment can significantly reduce costly machine downtime and repairs.

L-730 Leveling Laser

ask4-L-730 Leveling Laser

L-732 Dual Scan® Laser Alignment System

L-732 Dual Scan® Laser Alignment System

The product of more than 50 years of alignment experience, Hamar Laser offers 2 solutions for aligning an injection molding machine:

  • L-730 Leveling Laser – a single, auto-rotating laser plane system used on smaller injection molding machines to measure platen parallelism.  Can also be used for leveling.
  • L-732 Dual Scan® Laser Alignment System – for large injection machines, the L-732 utilizes 2 auto-rotating lasers planes to offer guideway flatness/leveling, straightness and twist measurements, plus platen parallelism and squareness of the fixed platen to the guideways.

These systems offer many benefits, such as :

  • Measure platen flatness, guideway straightness, twist & squareness to fixed platen, and platen parallelism data quickly and easily with high accuracy.
  • Using laser planes reduces the number of setups and combined with real-time measurement data, alignment times are cut by up to 70%.
  • Very simple to use and easy to set up with minimal training needed.
  • With a range of 100 ft (30.5 m) in radius, even the largest injection molding machines can be easily measured.
  • Laser planes have a flatness accuracy of 2.0 arc seconds (.00012 in/ft or 0.01 mm/m).
  • Uses A-1519-2.4ZB Wireless Target with .00002 resolution (0.0005 mm).
  • Wireless data transmission to R-1357-2.4ZB PDA that can display data values for up to 5 targets simultaneously.

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