Extruder Laser Alignment Borescope – Single Barrels

Proper alignment of barrels in plastic single-barrel extrusion machines increases lifespan of screws and barrels by 2-3 times and reduces the motor’s electrical consumption.  Curiously a lot of extruder barrels are crudely aligned and current methods, such as optical borescopes, are very time-consuming and are not very repeatable from operator to operator and don’t live up to expected accuracy specs.  Our L-705 extruder laser borescope alignment systems offer a better way.

L-705 Extruder Laser Alignment Borescope


The L-705 Extruder Laser Alignment Borescope is up to 70% faster and 2-3 times more accurate that optics and is much easier to learn. The L-705 features:

  • Alignment of single-barrel extruders up to 70% faster than conventional or optical borescope methods.
  • Setup < 20 minutes.  Data in 5 minutes after that!
  • A-510 2-Axis Bore target uses self-centering bore adapters that find the bore center without any moving parts.  No 0º and 180º measurements!  It takes just 5- 10 seconds to get a bore measurement.
  • Customized bore adapters with a large range of extruder barrel IDs from 1.18 to 18 in.+ (30 to 458+ mm).
  • Resolution of .0001 in. (0.001 mm).
  • System accuracy of .001 in. (0.025 mm) in 20 feet (6.1 m). 
  • Self-Centering Chuck fixture to mount the L-705 in the center of the gearbox counter bore for ultra-fast setup.
  • Real-time extruder alignment data speeds alignment by showing barrel movements as it’s being  adjusted.
  • Simple, handheld readout show the alignment data in the vertical and horizontal axes – software is optional.
  • Horizontal and vertical angular adjustments allow for easy alignment of the laser to the gearbox spindle’s rotation axis.
  • Battery-operated laser with a range of 100 ft. (30 m).

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L-705 Extruder Laser Alignment Borescope Configuration