Transfer Line Spindles

One of the biggest killers of transfer-line productivity is line downtime caused by broken taps, drills, reams, etc., usually caused by poor angular alignment of the spindle axis. At one “Big Three” automobile manufacturer, transfer line tool breakage went from 1 per 50 parts produced before laser alignment using the L-700 to 1 per 1,500 parts after laser alignment, saving the company $1.5 million annually on one line alone.

L-700 Spindle Laser Alignment System

25 years of transfer-line alignment experience, along with many improvements, went into the design of the L-700 Spindle Laser Alignment System that makes checking and adjusting the alignment of transfer line machines much easier and much faster.  The L-700 features:

  • Aligns transfer line machines up to 70% faster than conventional methods, such as use indicators and alignment bars.
  • Extremely simple set up and fixturing.
  • 4-axis target sensor simultaneously displays vertical and horizontal center and angle readings
  • Real-time alignment data, so alignment errors can be fixed easily and quickly without changing the setup.
  • V & H center resolution of .00001 in. (0.00025 mm) and V & H angular resolution of .00001 in/ft (0.001 mm/m).
  • Powerful Windows-based Spindle8 Software features step-by-step program flow that even calculates shim values and moves for spindle box alignments.
  • Spindle8 Software also corrects mounting errors, saving many thousands of dollars on master parts.
  • With the addition of an extra laser, computer interface and 4-axis target, the L-700 can also handle complex dual and multiple-spindle applications.

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L-700 Spindle Laser Alignment System Configuration