Surface Grinders

Aligning and leveling surface grinders is difficult especially to the tight tolerances grinding applications require, and it takes a lot of time using conventional methods, especially for the larger machines. Poor alignment increases scrap rates and reduces part quality. We offer a better way.

L-742 Ultra-Precision Dual Scan® Laser Alignment System

The product of more than 50 years of machine-tool alignment experience, Hamar Laser’s L-742 Ultra-Precision Dual Scan® Laser Alignment System is the ideal tool to quickly and accurately level the grinder’s guideways and also check flatness and straightness of the guideways and squareness of the column and the flatness of the travel in the X and Y axes.  The L-742 features:

  • 2 automatically rotating laser planes and ultra-high highest accuracy
  • Finds but also fixes alignment problems up to 70% faster than conventional methods.
  • Extremely simple to use and easy to set up, the L-742 typically can measure and re-align the flatness (levelness) and straightness of the guideways with one setup.
  • After realigning the guideways, can also be used to check the X & Y axis flatness.
  • With the same setup, the squareness of the column, if needed, can be measured too.
  • Can also measure the parallelism of the table to the machine guideways (bed).
  • Real-time data means the alignment of the rails can be watched as they are adjusted – a big time saver!
  • With a range of 100 ft (30.5 m) in radius, even the largest machines can easily be measured.
  • Laser planes have a flatness of 0.5 arc second (.00003 in/ft or 0.0025 mm/m).
  • Optional high-accuracy, split-prism level vials can level machinery up to .00006 in/ft (0.005 mm/m).
  • Wireless measuring targets (sensors) have a resolution of up to .00001 in. (0.25 micron) and a measuring range of up to +/- .55 in. (+/-14 mm). Accuracy is up to +/-.00004 in. (+/-0.001 mm)
  • Easy-to-use readout PDA or PC-based software displays multiple targets simultaneously further speeding up alignments.
  • Plane5 Flatness Software to document the alignment.

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L-742 Ultra-Precision Dual Scan® Laser Alignment System Configuration