Rotary-Dial Machines

Most rotary-dial machines make small, high-tolerance parts and require very accurate alignment of the spindle’s axis of rotation to the  part holder. Aligning these machines using conventional methods such as indicators and alignment bars is extremely difficult and time consuming. We offer a better way.

L-700 Spindle Laser Alignment System

Many years of transfer-line spindle alignment experience, plus many design improvements, went into the design of the L-700 Spindle Laser Alignment System that makes checking and adjusting the alignment of rotary-dial machines much easier and faster:

  • Extremely simple set up; aligns spindles up to 70% faster than conventional methods or interferometers.
  • Quickly checks the entire length of travel of the spindle head for straightness, squareness to the part holder and parallelism to the ways.
  • Our T-261 Simultaneous 4-Axis Target checks vertical and horizontal center and angular readings and provides live alignment data, so alignment errors can be fixed easily and quickly without changing the setup.
  • V & H Center resolution of .00001 in. (0.00025 mm) and V & H Angular resolution of .00001 in/ft (0.001 mm/m).
  • Powerful Windows-based Spindle8 Software features large color display of misalignment information and even calculates shim values.

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L-700 Spindle Laser Alignment System Configuration