Med-Large CNC Mills, Gantries, Machining Centers, VTLs

Medium to Large CNC machine tool geometry (alignment) and calibration is critical to maintaining part quality but is very time consuming and complicated, especially on large machines, and PM’s are frequently skipped due to the excessive machine downtime needed to use conventional methods. Waiting until a machine crashes to check alignment is not a good way to keep scrap rates low and part quality high. We offer a better way.

L-743 Ultra-Precision Triple Scan® Laser Alignment System

The product of more than 50 years of machine-tool alignment experience, Hamar Laser’s L-743 Ultra-Precision Triple Scan® Laser Alignment System is the ideal tool to quickly and accurately calibrate the geometry of CNC machining centers, boring mills, gantries, CNC floor mills, surface grinders and VTL’s.  The L-743 Features:

  • 3 automatically rotating laser planes that minimizes setups and speeds up alignments up to 70% faster than conventional methods.
  • The highest accuracy in the industry
    • Flatness/straightness accuracies up to .000015 in/ft (0.0013 mm/m),
    • Squareness up to .00006 in/ft (0.005 mm/m).
  • Extremely simple to use and easy to set up, the L-743 can usually measure the machine’s 3 main axes at the same time, eliminating the “stack-up” errors that result from using multiple alignment instruments and setups.
  • Measures flatness and straightness of each axis plus the squareness between them.
  • Easily measures rotary axes for parallelism or squareness to the main axes.
  • Pitch, roll and yaw angularity can also be checked.
  • Real-time data means the alignment of the rails and columns can be watched as they are adjusted – a big time saver!
  • With an operating range of 100 ft (30.5 m) in radius, the geometry of even the largest machines can easily be measured
  • Wireless measuring targets (sensors) resolution of up to .00001 in. (0.25 µm) and a measuring range of up to ± .55 in. (± 14 mm) with an accuracy is up to ± .00004 in. (± 0.001 mm).
  • Data is sent via Zigbee® radio link to a PDA or PC for display and processing.
  • Data from multiple targets can be viewed simultaneously to further speed up alignments.
  • Powerful Windows-based software, combined with advanced computer interfaces, makes collecting and analyzing alignment data faster and easier.

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L-743 Ultra-Precision Triple Scan® Laser Alignment System Configuration