Boring Bars

Current methods for checking post-machining bore alignment for boring-bar applications are very time consuming, hard to learn and are often skipped and the job is “assumed” to be good.  It is also a challenge to set up boring-bar bearings on long-distance applications.  Our bore alignment lasers solve both problems.

L-706 Boring Bar Alignment System

The L-706 Boring Bar Alignment System offers a much faster and easier way to align boring bar bearings:

  • Easy-to-use, patented self-centering targets requiring only 1 measurement per bore can be set up in as little as 15 minutes and need only seconds to take a bore measurement.
  • The L-706 requires minimal training and only 1 operator to effectively set up and use.
  • Optional targets feature 2.2495 in. mounting ODs that fit right into standard boring bar bearings and quickly align the bearings to the target bores.
  • An accurate, fast and reliable way to independently check bore bearings after machining without removing the bearings.
  • Use simple X-Y readouts or add optional Windows-based Bore9 Software to record data, analyze results and produce reports.

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L-706 Boring Bar Alignment System Configuration