Tooling Leveling

Aircraft assembly is complex and demanding, making it difficult to get accurate and repeatable alignment results while maintaining productivity on the assembly line. Leveling tooling and jigs is essential to making quality aircraft, but conventional methods are cumbersome, time consuming to use and frequently don’t give good results. Our systems excel at these and other challenging alignment procedures.

L-740 Ultra Precision Leveling Laser Alignment System

More than 50 years of alignment experience went into the design of the L-740 Ultra Precision Leveling Laser Alignment System, featuring an automatically rotating laser plane with a long operating range and the highest accuracy in the industry.

  • Up to 70% faster than optics or other traditional leveling methods.  
  • Precision laser planes have an accuracy of .00003 in/ft (0.0025 mm/m) and a range of 100 ft. (30 m)in radius.
  • Two methods to check flatness:
    1. Use our built-in 2 arc second level vials (or 1 arc second split prism vials) to level the laser and check the surface for flatness relative to a level earth plane.
    2. Use 3 reference points on the surface and check the rest of the surface for deviation from the reference datum plane.
  • Using multiple targets allows multiple points to be leveled at the same time, really speeding up alignment checks and reducing costs.
  • Real-time data automatically updates the level/flatness data as adjustments are made to leveling bolts.
  • The L-740 is ideal for large fixtures, aircraft assembly areas or large machine beds, and allows for the use of multiple work crews.
  • Wireless targets eliminate cumbersome cabling and can be used up to 150 ft (46 m) from the laser.
  • Powerful Windows-based alignment software displays up to 15 sensors simultaneously and makes collecting and analyzing alignment data fast and easy.

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L-740 Ultra Precision Leveling Laser Alignment System Configuration